600 days from today:

There is excitement in the air.  It’s late in the night, but the race has been called, and the concession call made.  The President-elect can feel the electricity supercharging the air as the stage grows closer.  The lights are blinding, and the crowd is straining to see the next President of the United States. 

It’s November 8, 2016, and the next President of the United States is Scott Walker.

Scary, right?

Even scarier are the hundreds of Scott Walkers from coast to coast running for school board in Abilene, state senate in Bismarck, and city council in Cheyenne.  Given the stunt legislation the GOP has pulled out in these first few months of 2015, it’s clear:  Not just at the top of the ticket, but in every position, we must elect Democrats

We need our community and our allies to unite to vote Republicans out of office.

We need Stonewall Democrats.


We have 600 days to strengthen our clubs and caucuses, form new groups where there are none, and build our troops on the ground and in the ether.  We have time to ensure that the 2016 election brings us a quantum leap forward.  It will take some coordination and effort, but we can do this.  We start today:


T Minus 600 Days  3/19/2015

 - FIND CLUBS:  Outreach efforts are still ongoing and most of our contacts are valid, but it’s time to bring the lost tribes together!  Everyone cc:’d in this message leads an LGBT Democratic group.  It’s a diverse assortment of county clubs, state caucuses and more.  Let’s get to know each other.

 - FORM CLUBS:  Last week saw the formal organization of Tulare County Stonewall Democrats in California.  There’ve been rumblings in Puerto Rico of a new group forming, and many clubs that have been dormant (Hello, Colorado!) are coming back to life.  Stonewall Democrats US will provide support and information for these new groups.

 - DELEGATE SELECTION:  By working with our state parties we ensure that LGBT Democrats are correctly represented in every state at the convention.  Initial rollout under an abbreviated time frame saw many successes from coast to coast.  Next week we’ll send an update of next steps to bring our tradition of strong representation to Philadelphia.

 - MESSAGING STEP-UP:  To date SDUS has pointed out the stories happening on the federal, state and local levels as they have happened.  Starting now we start naming names:  we thank Democratic leaders for progress and we push back hard at Republican efforts to deny the LGBT community basic rights and dignity.

- GET SOCIAL:  These messages cannot fall on deaf ears.  Please encourage your fellow officers, members, and everyone you know to come together:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/stonewalldemocratsus

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Stonewall_Dems


T Minus 500 Days  6/27/2015


Once we have our clubs together, it’s time to talk.  We’ll have conversations about recruiting, about programming, about legislative strategies, about leadership and synergy.  There will be places to discuss our mutual goals online, conference calls to discuss big ideas, and interconnection in this period to build and support LGBT Democrats.  Let’s build a community of people working toward our common goals.


T Minus 400 Days  10/05/2015


Whether your group is 10 or 10,000 strong, this is the period to focus on bringing in new members.  By focussing on recruitment before 2016, we enter the election year with our troops in place and our focus on the task at hand.  Existing members should start reaching out to their social networks and bring in new members.  Keen eyes should be put out in social media to find people that are already heavily engaged in local and national affairs in our home bases and start bringing those folks into the fold to start creating our rapid response network. 


T Minus 1 Year 11/8/2015


Details to come.  (Think big. Think fun!)


T Minus 300 Days  1/13/2016


The only sure thing about primary season will be surprises.  By building and fortifying in the months prior, we’ll be able to meet these surprises head on.  The goal here is to maximize LGBT voter involvement not just at the federal level about in local elections as well.  We’ll also keep a close eye on GOP candidates at all levels; slander of our community will be met with swift and vocal response.  Our rapid response teams will change the game.


T Minus 200 Days  4/22/2016

PRIDE 2016 *** OUTREACH 2.0

Details to come, but those details will be borne of our coming together as an LGBT Democratic Family!


T Minus 100 Days  7/31/2016


Details to come.  (Think big.  Think fun.  Think big fun!)


Election Day  11/8/2016


600 days of preparation will lead us to the highest turnout of LGBT voters in history.  

600 days of focus will lead us to Democratic victories on every level.

600 days start right now.


A final word.  

Stonewall Democrats US is new and the mission is simple:

Stonewall Democrats works to elect pro-LGBT Democrats in federal, state, and local elections by supporting local LGBT Democratic groups, serving as a bullhorn for LGBT governmental issues, and supplying LGBT voters to ballot boxes. 

This 600 Day Plan is the thought behind the vision and a call to action.  SDUS brings together LGBT Caucuses aligned with their state parties with independent clubs.  There is no “affiliate structure” and your organization will not be asked to fund SDUS.  

The focus is on the mission and the mission is everything.  To accomplish that mission, this group of leaders is called on to come together and talk to one another and to spread the word.  I hope you’ll share this message with your fellow leaders, party officials, and anyone else you’d like.  

Let’s get started!


600 days,


Rod Townsend

Stonewall Democrats US





PS - As outreach has been ongoing, I’ve loved talking and emailing and Facebook messaging with so many of you and hearing your excitement.  If we haven’t interacted yet, I hope we do soon!  

My details:

email:  rod@stonewalldemocrats.us 

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/rod.townsend.142

twitter:  https://twitter.com/rodtownsend