2016 Democratic National Convention Diversity Committees are being formed now.

Each state must have a Diversity Committee in place by March 2, 2015, just days away.  The Diversity Committee has input in the selection plan and minority outreach for National Convention delegate selection.  Decisions will be made with or without you, so get involved!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why now?

A. 2016 Convention preparations are already underway and your state party is actively writing the rules that will determine delegate selection. While the process is sometimes not well understood it is open and transparent. 2106 will be the most diverse delegation ever, thanks in part to public input and participation.

Q. How do we get started?

A. Request a seat at the table. Every party chair is charged with appointing an Affirmative Action Committee (diversity committee) to write and implement the state's Affirmative Action, Outreach and Inclusion Plan. Appointments are to be made by March 2, 2015 and reported to the DNC within two weeks. First step is simply submitting the model letter to your state party chair. Simply select a male and female from your club and send the letter.  

Here's a model letter to emulate.

Q. Where do I send this letter?

A. Each club should mail a physical letter to your state party chair. (Those addresses can be found here.)  You may also follow up by email, phone, or appointment to plead your case. Participation is at the discretion of your chair but participation is customary. Your request should be sufficient to secure a seat.

Copy us at: delegates2016@StonewallDemocrats.us

The letter should be copied to the DNC:

Office of Delegate Selection and Party Affairs

Democratic National Committee

430 South Capitol Street, SE

Washington, D.C. 20003

Q. There are multiple clubs in my state, what do we do?

A. Each club should submit their own two candidates. The reality is the committee should have people from every congressional district. Large states may have dozens of LGBT reps without any geographic overlap. Keep in mind that "equal division" is key; that is, an even number of women and men. Submit names in pairs of two.

Q. What exactly is the Affirmative Action Committee?

A. Each state is unique and its own circumstances shall dictate the approach necessary to conduct outreach to all Democratic voters in the state, encourage their full participation in the delegate selection process, and achieve broad representation by all of the party's constituencies within the state delegation. While compliance with certain specific rules must be reflected in the state’s plan, these rules can also provide a general framework around which the state may develop its own outreach program.

More specifically, the committee will write and implement programs with specific goals and timetables for recruiting African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, women, LGBT Americans, people with disabilities and youth. The committee will put together this plan and then see it through. Success will be judged by recruiting sufficient delegates to satisfy the goals set within the plan. As an early participant you will also be positioned to influence the larger delegate selection process.

Q. What is the timeframe and level of commitment?

A. The final plans are due to DNC by May 4, 2015 and implementation begins September 15, 2015. To assist, the DNC provides a model plan and only minor localization is required.

Q. I still have questions, who can help?

A. You can review the DNC Delegate Selection Materials (and the Supplemental Materials) for yourself, or just ask questions.  Stonewall Democrats US is here to help. Email us at: delegates2016@StonewallDemocrats.us